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To avoid unplanned shutdown is the main concern of all continuous plants operators. Unplanned shutdown will stop production facilities to produce profitable goods for the company; and therefore the company will lose the opportunity to gain profit, and worst than that, the company will lose its reputation from its client due to unable to meet the delivery time. On line maintenance and engineering services, such as on line leak sealing services, on line safety valve testing, hot tapping and line stopping, and so forth are the attempt to repair or modify on line production systems in order to avoid unplanned shutdown. Years of experiences and up to date engineering solutions have made HEXAREKA as the reliable and preferable partner for continuous plants operators to make sure that their production facilities will keep earning.



Minimizing downtime will allow the production facilities to produce more profitable goods optimally. The longer the downtime, the longer the production facilities stop producing; and therefore the company will lose its opportunity to gain profit from its produced goods. On site maintenance and engineering services, such as on site machining services, controlled bolting services, condenser and HX restoration system, and so forth, will make sure that the downtime of production facilities will be minimized significantly. By having comprehensive portable equipments and highly skilled technicians, HEXAREKA will bring fast and precision repairs on site and in place in cost effective way.




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