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Based on the success of the CTI Shield/Seal for the repair of tube end damage, a similar repair technique was developed to restore tubes that had sustained damage over their entire length. This repair involves the installation of full-lenghth tube liners. Due to ID pitting, OD grooving, full lenght thinning and impingement damage, these tube were plugged and no longer in service.

As the heat exchanger ages, the amount of plugged,  tube begins to affect the efficiency of the unit and increases the flow rate in the remainder of the tubes. With 10% of the tube plugged, historically the unit becomes a candidate for a full re-tube project. In case like this, the installation of full lenght-liners to repair the plugged tubes becomes an attractive alternative. By restoring the plugged tubes to duty, years of additional service cab be provided.

As of CTI Shield/Seal, the choice of material for CTI full lenght-liners is also a critical point. The selected material must be based on the existing tube material, the service of heat exchanger and the cause of the tube failures. CTI Full Length Liners had become favorable alternative for method of Fin Fan Cooler repair because it si more cost effective compare to conventional retubing.


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