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Experiance shows that the need of providing equipment and manpower to ensure correct and controlled tightening of bolt joints is very important, particularly for critical joints. Leakage due to improper bolt tightening procedure will force the plan to conduct unplanned shutdown which will stop the production process. This circumstance is very unfavorable to the plan operator. Adjacent to costly, unplanned shutdown will affect the company revenue because the product traget cannot be achieved. In order to achieve optimum bolt connections, fasteners in any bolted connection must be loaded in a controlled and safe manner.

Therefore, the need realiable equipment and manpower is a must. Over tightening or under tightening of bolt connection will make a chance of connection leakage in the near future. Whatever the industry, especially in the oil and gas industry, onshore and offshore, topside and subsea, power generation, petrochemical, marine and also the construction sector can have the benefits of our reliable equipments and skilled manpower in any bolt working solution, especially Hydraulic Torque Wrench Solution to any bolted connection.


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