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Whenever you need to re-face gasket seat in-situ, you can rely on our Flange Facing Service. Whether it is flange, heat exchanger cover joints, boiler manways, industrial pipelines or vessel joints, we can do all the jobs. Our Flange Facing machines are capable of facing, turning, grooving and weld preparation. They are lightweight, strong and flexible and the most important is pneumatically driven; therefore ideal for used in hazardous area. 

In addition to standard jobs, we are also able to machine hub profiles, the front and back faces of heat exchanger, oval manways, oval handholes and sealing surfaces of pressure vessels and boilers. Finished machine surface can be flat, recessed, spigotted, raised face or ring groove from fine to gramophone surface finish. Our Flange Facing Service is equipped with complete range of flange facing machines and operated by highly skill technician; therefore enables precision repairs on site and in-place, reduces downtime, helps accelerate turnarounds schedule, and in turn will minimize lost of production.

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