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Using a wide range of purpose built externally mounted cutting equipment, we offer a fully comprehensive pipe cutting and beveling service to industry covering all the various aspects, involved in the parting and profiling of pipes, vessels, boiler headers, valves and tubes in the oil and gas, power generation, chemical, petrochemical and other process industries. Our pipe cutting service covers pipes of any diameter and wall thickness, as well as the excavation and removal of defective weld material for the fitting of valves and inserts. If required, the remaining pipe ends can be profiled and prepared for welding, a process which can be carried out simultaneously during the actual cutting operation or after removal of the vessel.

Our Pipe Cutting Machine has a very strength design but it is a lightweight and offers minimal clearance requirements. The combination of its design characteristics and available accessories makes it the most efficient, precision pipe cutting and weld preparation tool available. With pneumatically air driven, our machine can be utilized even in the most hazardous area. 


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