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On line leak sealing process enables plant operators to repair leaks without plant shutdown. The process is widely used in fossil and nuclear power station, refineries and petrochemical plants, oil production platform, pulp and paper mills and other continues process plants to prevent expensive emergency shutdown and to converse energy by providing safe, controlled, and engineering reliable solutions.

The priority for every industrial plant is to stay on-line; therefore On Line Leak Sealing will maximize the plant production facilities up time. It means plant will keep producing the output while solutions to leak base problem is being delivered. Time-Energy-Money will be saved, noise level and erosion level will reduce and plant’s safety will increase. With support from worldwide expertise of on line leak sealing service company, HEXAREKA has successfully sealed many kind of leaks problems, including leaking flanges connection, valve gland, valve bonnet, heat exchanger joint, screwed coupling, pipe union or pinhole pipe and others. Whether it is steam, hydrocarbon or gas, at temperature ranging from cryogenic to 900oC and at pressure up to 400 bar, Hexareka offers reliable leak sealing solutions.


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