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On line safety valve testing or widely known as Trevitest system has been designed to test safety and relief valves on line under normal operating condition (hot testing). Service experience shows that the test result of Trevitest is within plus or minus one per cent (1%) of the set pressure when equipment is operated by trained technicians. The Trevitest principle is to apply a force to the valve spindle to overcome the spring tension of the valve. This is achieved using a hydraulic power pack linked to an electronic force transducer. A computer is then used to measure the forced applied. By combining this data with information on the valve seat and line pressure of the valve, it is possible to assess the set pressure.

 Benefits of Trevitest Hot Testing :

  • Fuel cost are significantly reduced, as it is not necessary to raise system pressure
  • Plant production is not interrupted while the valve is tested
  • Welded in valve can be adjusted without removal from the line
  • The cost of removing valves in correct working conditions is eliminated, because only valve which require overhaul need to be removed from the line
  • The time required to commission the plant after the shutdown is reduced
  • Trevitest automatically produces a permanent graphical trace of the valve performance for record-keeping purposes.



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